Warehousing is a major stage in our operations. Our warehousing team and facilities are top notch in handling machinery.

Currently we have a combined warehouse storage area of 157,000ft.

Depot 1: 85,000ft

Depot 2: 22,000ft

Depot 4: 8,000ft

Depot 5: 42,000ft

As part of our warehousing services, there are two options: Covered and Open Air.

Our Covered Storage Area consists of 86,000ft, which is around 55% of our current storage capacity.

Depot 1: 30,000ft

Depot 2: 18,000ft

Depot 4: none

Depot 5: 38,000ft

Our open air storage facility consists of 71000ft.

Regarding the pricing for the storage, please contact us for further information.

Below is a Tour of Depot 1:

Below is a Virtual Tour of Our Depot 5: