Safety is an important consideration when we design our method and approaches to hoisting escalators and elevators.

As part of our company’s ongoing interest in improving our safety standards, we have drafted a safety policy shown below:


Farspeed has been engaged in the transportation of crane engineering business in Hong Kong for over 30 years.  As one of the industry leading institutions and a responsible member of Hong Kong, in addition to continuously providing a high level of services and products, we will also commit following:

  • Ensure safety and health at work as an integral part of its business performance;
  • achieve a high level of occupational safety and health performance in phases, in compliance with legal requirements as the minimum;
  • provide appropriate resources to implement the policy;
  • make safety and health one of the responsibilities of staff at all levels;
  • ensure its understanding, implementation and maintenance at all levels in the organisation;
  • involve employees so as to secure their commitment to the policy;
  • keep the policy under periodic review; and
  • ensure that employees at all levels have received appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

Farspeed Contractors Ltd.



  • 確認工作安全與健康是本企業業績的重要部分;
  • 分階段達至高水平的職業安全與健康表現, 並以尊從法例標準為最低要求
  • 提供適當的資源去實施政策;
  • 將安全與健康列為各級人員的職責之一;
  • 讓各級員工都明白,實施及維持該政策;
  • 讓員工參與以贏取他們對該政策的支持;
  • 定期檢討該政策及管理制度; 以及
  • 確保各級員工都得到適當訓練,並能勝任他們的職務和責任