Farspeed Group is a group of companies based in Hong Kong.

Farspeed Group of Companies, incorporated since 1982 for the Heavy Lift industries of Elevators and Escalators in Hong Kong, Macau, Southern China and Singapore. Our customers include major brands such as OTIS, SCHINDLER, KONE, THYSSENKRUPP, MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA, FUJITEC, HITACHI AND SIGMA etc. We have completed hoisting and positioning job for more than 10,000-unit Escalators and 50,000 units of Elevators. We are open to consult and/or work overseas with companies in the rest of the world.

快達集團公司,主業扶梯及電梯吊嵌工程。1982 年在香港成立。服務地區包括香港,廣東省,星架坡,澳門各地。現有客户包括有 Otis, Schindler, Kone, ThyssenKrupp, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitec, Hitachi, Sigma 等國際知名電梯公司。37 年來吊嵌過萬台扶梯、五萬台升降機。尋求與世界各地公司交流和合作。

Currently, we have over 80 experienced riggers in our operation.

A brief introduction to our company: